The GEINTEC Magazine is the responsibility of the CIIR – Centivens Institute of Innovative Research  with the support of professors  from Varoious national and foreign universities . The GEINTEC Magazine aims to disseminate national and international scientific production in the areas of management, innovation and technologies, also serving as an environment that allows the exchange of experiences and ideas between national and foreign researchers working in these areas. GEINTEC Magazine is published quarterly and is Open Access.

Editorial policy

The editorial policy of GEINTEC Magazine is to publish original articles that contribute significantly to the knowledge of Intellectual Property Management and Technological Innovation. Preference will be given to original articles that are reporting new knowledge and that are not merely replacements of information already known. The decision to recommend a publication depends on the initial approval of the Section Editor (to identify whether the article is part of the scope of the journal) and after peer review.


The evaluation is carried out by peers and blindly by evaluators who are part of the Editorial Board and by “ad hoc” national and foreign evaluators.
National evaluators are part of the academy of several Brazilian universities and other countries.
The Editorial Board and the Advisory Board assist in editorial publishing policies.
The submission time until publication can vary from six months to one year.


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