Technologic Prospection of Bioactive Compounds in Umbu Pulp (Spondias Tuberosa Arruda)


  • Carla Crislan De Souza Bery
  • Kyzzes Barreto Araújo
  • Ícaro Mota Oliveira
  • Crislayne De Souza Bery
  • Lília Calheiros De Oliveira Barretto
  • Andréa Gonçalves Bueno Freitas
  • Lisiane Dos Santos Freitas
  • Gabriel Francisco Da Silva



The Spondias tuberosa arruda is a fairly integrated type and known in the Brazilian semiarid, being present in the food of the population that lives there. About 18 fruits are in the genus Spondias, and it is known that some of them, like umbu, have antioxidant potential and applicability in several areas. In order to evaluate this potential, it is important a detailed study of all possible applications. This study analyzed the survey results for the bioactive compounds (phenolic compounds and antioxidants) present in umbu pulp (Spondias tuberosa arruda) through patent applications. To perform the patent search was used the bases of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the database of the brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and the European Patent Office (Espacenet). This prospect has contributed to the knowledge of researches already developed, especially in order to identify the work in the area of use, characterization, possible applications and potential umbu, focusing on the identification of bioactive compounds and how promising and necessary is a research in that area.