The Impact of Credit Risk Management on the Moroccan Commercial Banking Sector


  • Fatima Bellaali
  • Abdelhamid Al Bouhadi



The study aimed to analyze the credit risk management practices that the commercial banking sector in Morocco is committed to and their impact on the banking sector.Accordingly, the study reached many conclusions about the importance of applying the mechanism of transferring risks into credit opportunities in the market, which can be achieved through diversifying the bank’s revenue schemes in an optimal manner and correct compatibility with market requirements, which allows the bank to use different sources of interest and fees granted from other areas of service that provided by the Bank, rather than focusing primarily on loan portfolios. In addition, the study highlighted the importance of the relevant specialist within the Bank to deal with more macroeconomic research. Designed for market-based economies, other than adopting credit trend analysis alone, therefore, depreciation of bank assets comes from a variety of market drivers, which have a fundamental role in influencing the credit capabilities of the bank.