Analysis of Influencing Factors of Investor’s Perceptions on Indian Stock Markets


  • Dr.G.C. Venkataiah
  • M. Yellaiah Naidu
  • Dr.M. Paparao



Investing in the Indian stock market is a great way for groups of investors to pool their funds for a common goal. Stock market schemes in India are managed by companies sponsored by financial institutions, banks, private companies, or international companies. This study was conducted to learn more about people's attitudes toward investing in the Indian stock market. For this study, the researcher spoke with 101 people who have invested in stock markets such as the BSE and NSE. The study is empirical in nature, and the universe for this study is Hyderabad city investors, with convenient sampling as the sampling technique. This study relied on primary data gathered through a structured questionnaire. The findings of the study suggest that stock market investors should pay close attention to other factors such as currency fluctuations, international relationships, tax rates, inflation rates, and political decisions, as these factors have an impact on stock market prices at the BSE and NSE, and that international relationships, tax rates, and political decisions influence investor perceptions.