Defining and Diagnosing Performance Standards


  • Maha Jawad Kadam
  • Zaman Imad Abd AL Ameer



The current research seeks to study and analyze performance indicators and standards and its variables, the research relied on the historical method in studying the previous indicators by returning to the measures related to indicators and performance standards presented by a different group of writers and researchers, performance criteria were analyzed to determine the level and size of the gap between actual performance and planned performance. The study reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which is that the concept of Performance and performance indicators are topics that are characterized by intellectual and cognitive richness. Perhaps the reason for this difference is due to the difference in the fields and areas in which researchers studied the concept and performance indicators. As well as the cognitive, cultural and intellectual differences of researchers in this concept. As for the most important recommendations of the research, it referred to the invitation of organizations to strive hard in determining their own performance indicators. The organization can stand alone from the competing organizations in defining special indicators to measure its performance that will enable it to achieve a competitive advantage.