Analysing the Cognitive Dissonance Behaviour of a Customer before Buying Products in Retail Stores


  • Dr. Bhavika R Karkera
  • Dr. Vanitha Esaimani



Today, Indian retail is seeing unprecedented growth. India's sector has a larger customer base, it is very important for retail businesses to understand consumer behaviour very effectively. In the process of understanding consumer behaviour, it is vital to understand the cognitive dissonance behaviour of a customer before buying to retain the consumer for long term. Cognitive dissonance also can influence the perception and sense of oneself, which leads to poor self-esteem and self-worth. Cognitive dissonance has several consequences because people want to prevent this discomfort. Dissonance may affect people's behaviour, ideas and decisions. This research aims to study cognitive dissonance behaviour of customer before buying products in retail stores. The study used analytical and descriptive research methodology, all primary data was obtained by using structured questionnaires and secondary data collected from various published research papers from ProQuest and EBSCO databases. The study concludes that cognitive dissonance behaviour of a customer has an wider impact on buying behavior of retail customer.