Internet of Things-based Smart Street System


  • Chandla Ellis
  • Tirumala Raju Vineetha
  • Segu Sravana Keerthi
  • S.P. Kalpana
  • R. Roshni Karen



Enormous amount of electrical energy is consumed in urban areas by means of street lights. Currently, the street lights are turned on and off manually which will lead to wastage of electrical energy. Due to inadequate dimming and low efficiency of lights, current is being wasted. The main aim of this smart LED system is to create a street light which will behave according to its surrounding. This LED will turn on automatically during dark time and off during bright time with the help of LDR. It will remain dim when there is no one near the light and turns on bright when people pass by it. By doing this, huge amount of energy is being saved. Though solar energy is efficient, it can’t work during rainy season. Thus, piezoelectric sensor is a good replacement of it. It converts the pressure that applied on it to electrical energy. This sensor is fixed in the road which will convert the pressure applied to it by the vehicles to electrical energy which can be utilized by the LEDs. Finally, this system aims to present an overview of a profitable and green solution to the energy consumption problem imposed by street lighting.