Radio Frequency Identification System and IoT based Tech Genix Lock


  • Sabari L. Umamaheswari
  • Thota Dhana Sekhar
  • S. Guna Saideep
  • S. Joshua
  • Arimani Munirakesh
  • T. Jebamani



In this paper a Door lock system using RFID and IOT Technologies. Using smart phone with Blynk App the Admin or owner can remotely monitor, control (ON & OFF the access) and can get Blynk notifications from the door lock when someone try to access it or if any suspicious activity happens (someone try to break the it). The registered User will receive Gmail’s when he tries to unlock the door.
Other features are the admin or owner can remotely unlock and lock the door from any place, and he can disable the switch which is used for getting out from the room, for blocking the unknown persons who went with theft RFID card, it is done by seeing the notifications send to the user when door is unlocked with his card through Admin. For authorized person the lock will be opened and closed automatically after a predetermined delay. If it is an unauthorized person tries it alerts the admin and neighbors through a Blynk notification and buzzer sound. Thus, once implemented, the system will prove An Effective security with minimum cost and increase in comfort for system users and also more efficient compared to existing cost ineffective systems.