An Islamic Perspective Review on Organizational Ethics


  • Nizaita Omar
  • Zulkifly Muda
  • Mahamad Naser Disa
  • Nur Syahirah Mohammad Nasir
  • Nurshuhada Mohamed
  • Kauthar Razali



Ethical culture and integrity values are the bases that a nation needs to establish in order to achieve optimum development. A nation’s identity and reputation will become tarnished if the two elements are not presented in at least, adequate scale. Ethics that are meant to bring eminence in an organization have to be expanded to form a high-minded society, in accordance with the concept of Islam which is progressively being put into practice today. This paperwork is going to deepen and analyse Islamic sources which are al-Quran, al Hadith and Seerah Nabawiyyah (Biography of Muhammad PUBH) with specificity in the particular topic discussed here, which is organizational ethics. Related verses from al-Quran and hadiths will be scrutinized. This will include the bases, purposes and demands of ethical forming. Concepts and principles of organizational ethics will be explained in details by which verdicts from former and current scholars are made reference to. It is hoped that through the ethical approaches suggested in this paperwork, outstanding and productive organizations can be deftly produced in the future.