The Effects of the Stakeholders Relationship Management on Organization Performance


  • Mohammad Salim Aslami
  • Aakanksha Uppal



Partner management, partner relationship management examines have a significant spot in writing. We looked for their effect on organization performance through the Employee and Social parts of Company Evaluation interceding factors. Laborers were chosen to accomplish the objectives of the examination. Employees hold and as they are the internal stakeholders. Thus, it becomes necessary to explore their effect in stakeholder relationship management on organizational efficiency, which is highly competitive. The staff was essential to cover the organization's accomplishments. If they functioned as a gathering, the impact might be exceptional. The organization's management would comprehend the workers' prerequisites and aspirations, and a management style of advanced organization systems was resolved. It was found from the investigation that inside partner relationship management framework is organizational performance. Via the eyes of European multinational organizations, the thesis examines the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and organizational success. Furthermore, the study investigates the role of corporate reputation as a moderator in the CSR-organizational performance linkages. The final data set included 340 responses from senior executives/managers at European multinational corporations.