Decoding the Role of Advertisements and Exploring the Motivators that Influence the Perception of Self - Image


  • Niharika Thapliyal
  • Mun Mun Ghosh



The study of a person's opinion of their own body is the study of "body image." While the definition was not much complicated, the arguments around the "Body Image" have numerous folds, from weight and size to appearance and normality. There can be a long list of things that can affect a person's body image concept and make them feel good about themselves or even dread being in their bodies. The source can be anything from one’s peers to the brands advertising their products with the help of models and celebrities. In this research, we will focus on the advertisements impacting the self-body image. The advertisers take the help of models and celebrities to impact the minds of their viewers and nudge them to try their product. In today’s world, a consumer’s self-image is targeted by how an advertisement is made. The research used a mixed-method approach to imply the finding of the study. The study validated and established the identified and the proposed construct and implied that the advertisements impact the viewers to attain or aspire for the sure self-body image. However, for a brief period, the effect and impact it creates cannot be overruled entirely.