Online Sensory Marketing: Developing Five-Dimensional Multi-Sensory Brand Experiences and its Effectiveness


  • Shreya Kaushik
  • Nilesh Gokhale



The online environment has long been a sensory interaction between a brand or product and its consumers through visual imagery and sonic elements. While newer technologies have developed that cater to a customer's more psychological need for haptics (touch), gestation, and olfaction, brands have not explored its true potential. Immersions and other forms of Human-Computer interaction have vastly developed and present scope for more than just a single sense for online consumers. While brands are employing these multisensory interfaces (vs. single-sensory) in certain product categories, it remains to be seen whether customers who unknowingly experience sensations online want to adapt to it. Several product categories could find multisensory elements beneficial. This study aims to delve deeper and understand the motivations of such behavior and identify the need for a customer to engage all its senses beyond the traditional visuals and sound while interacting with brands virtually for a more holistic experience. While external environmental factors such as pandemics have resulted in the inevitable loss of physical touchpoints, the aim is to determine whether sensory elements beyond images and sounds will benefit customer engagement.