The Impact of Rock Music on Indian Young Adults: A Qualitative Study on Emotions and Moods


  • Manaswini Tripathy
  • Mithunchandra Chaudhari



Music has proven to play a vital role in social and emotional development in teenagers and young adults. From contemplation, developing self-identity, understanding interpersonal relationships, and providing possibilities of experience mastery, agency, and self-control with the help of self-directed activities, music helps its audience develop in all aspects of life. In specific, Rock music, since its existence has been more than entertainment, artists expressed themselves and shared their opinions through their musical pieces. Infamous for promoting drugs and alcohol, Rock Music used its platform to enlighten the audience about taboo topics like racism, inequality, and other social issues. This research paper uses a qualitative methodology approach to understand Rock Music listeners’ points of view. Data was collected through ‘in-depth interviews’ of 15 participants hailing from different parts of the country. Rock Music has several positive effects on the listeners. Rock can elevate moods, induce emotions, helps the listeners be more productive and creative with their everyday work, and constantly motivate them to do better in every aspect of life. Rock provides a platform to express feelings and vent out all the angst, especially for those who otherwise do not voice their opinions because of their nature in general. Rock Music has been able to shape personalities, characteristics, and thought processes. Moreover, majorly, Rock Music helps people with anger management.