Text Summarization Approaches Using Machine Learning & LSTM


  • Neeraj Kumar Sirohi
  • Dr. Mamta Bansal
  • Dr.S.N. Rajan




Due to the massive amount of online textual data generated in a diversity of social media, web, and other information-centric applications. To select the vital data from the large text, need to study the full article and generate summary also not loose critical information of text document this process is called summarization. Text summarization is done either by human which need expertise in that area, also very tedious and time consuming. second type of summarization is done through system which is known as automatic text summarization which generate summary automatically. There are mainly two categories of Automatic text summarizations that is abstractive and extractive text summarization. Extractive summary is produced by picking important and high rank sentences and word from the text document on the other hand the sentences and word are present in the summary generated through Abstractive method may not present in original text.
This article mainly focuses on different ATS (Automatic text summarization) techniques that has been instigated in the present are argue. The paper begin with a concise introduction of automatic text summarization, then closely discussed the innovative developments in extractive and abstractive text summarization methods, and then transfers to literature survey, and it finally sum-up with the proposed techniques using LSTM with encoder Decoder for abstractive text summarization are discussed along with some future work directions.