The Impact of Exercise on the Rate of Self-esteem and Motivation on the College of Education Students’ Achievement during Covid 19 Pandemic


  • Salem M. Alshammari



Undoubtedly, and according to what many studies have proven about the relation between sport practice and physical, mental and mental activity, and according to the health and psychological repercussions caused by the Corona virus pandemic, the importance of sports activity for students was as necessity, accordingly, the study aimed to identify the impact of students’ practice of physical activity on the level of cognitive achievement. Self-esteem and motivation to learn To achieve the goal of the study, the descriptive approach and the quasi-experimental approach were used by applying a measure of the level of cognitive achievement and motivation to learn and self-esteem on the 190 male and female students regularly practicing sports, compared to 170 male and female students who do not regularly engage in sports activity from the students of the College of Education at Kuwait University.
The results of the study proved that there is a significant effect of the practice of sports activity on the total score of the scale for students in addition to an effect on the increase in the average score of the scale. The researcher recommended A channel specialized in sports activities for students and the creation of advertising campaigns for social media to encourage students to practice sports.