Knowledge of Nonverbal Communication in Friday Sermons


  • Mohd Ala-uddin Othman
  • Zulazhan Ab Halim
  • Mohd Shahrizal Nasir
  • Mohd Fauzi Abd Hamid
  • Mohd Firdaus Yahya



This study identified the level of nonverbal communication knowledge (KNV) among Friday sermon orators. Friday sermons are observed to be an important medium at conveying important messages and reminders to the Muslim community, which is held every Friday. The technique of delivering a sermon will have a great impact on the congregation who listens to the sermon. This is becasue an impactful verbal delivery which is accompanied nonverbally, will provide an optimal impact to its audience. The combination of nonverbal and verbal communication will also increase the effectiveness of the sermon. This is because KNV is an important factor in attracting the audience’s interest and attention at continuing to listen to the sermon while receiving the conveyed message. Therefore, KNV is essentially needed by an effective sermon orator. This study is a quantitative research, which used a survey method involving 82 orators who responded to the questionnaire in order to find out the level of their on KNV. The findings show that the KNV among these Friday sermon orators who are based in Hulu Terengganu District achieve an overall mean which is at a moderately high level of 3.42, namely physical appearance 3.72, limb movement 3.28, facial expression 3.28, occultic 3.09, vocal 3.52 and chronological 3.60. Findings from this study is expected to encourage sermon orators to pay more attention on KNV during sermon delivery so that important messages can be effectively conveyed to the Muslim community and achieve the desired goals.