Effect of Supply Chain Resilience on Organizational Performance through Knowledge Sharing


  • Mohammed Taj Hejazi




Supply chain mitigation strategies have not received much attention from researchers and practitioners on how to manage the supply chain risk in the turbulent business environment. There is little awareness and understanding in supply chain risk management literature on the concept of supply chain resilience (SCR). SCR has been emphasized throughout the past decade, and organizations are aware of its influence on organizational performance. As a result, SCR is essential as it influences organizational performance. The literature indicates that a lack of SCR negatively affects organizational performance. However, the literature does not theorize and provide theoretical evidence on how SCR affects organizational performance with the help of knowledge sharing. This study aims to examine the influence of SCR on organizational performance with the effect of knowledge sharing. Research questions include: 1 How SCR contributes to organizational performance? 2 Does knowledge sharing influence organizational performance? 3. How does knowledge sharing affect the relationship between SCR and organizational performance? This study, based on available literature, will present the research model of how SCR affects organizational performance. Examples of small case studies will also include for better understanding. This study will also provide some important pieces theoretical and practical implications.