Oil and Gas Potential in the Territory of the South-Eastern Part of the Bukhara-Khiva Region


  • Odiljon G. Khayitov
  • Gulnarakhon K. Salizhanova
  • Marhamat A. Mutalova
  • Sevara I. Aminzhanova
  • Malika Y. Mishareva




The article analyzes the oil and gas content of the southeastern part of the Bukhara-Khiva region. It is shown that this territory is the main promising target for prospecting for new oil, gas and hydrocarbon deposits. It was revealed that the main productive deposits are carbonate deposits. It has been established that the most widespread and large ones are massive deposits in traps of the structural-lithological type, confined to the Callovian-Oxfordian reef deposits and distinguished by high capacity and filtration properties. It is argued that the lower part of the reservoirs is flooded in all fields of this type. The characteristic is given of 44 open oil, oil and gas condensate, gas condensate and gas fields of the specified region. Pre-Jurassic deposits contain hydrocarbons. The features of the structural plans of carbonate and salt-anhydrite formations and their influence on the location of oil and gas deposits within the southeastern part of the Bukhara-Khiva region for increasing hydrocarbon reserves have been determined. The fields under development in the stage of deep drilling have been clarified. Recommendations for deepening geological exploration are offered.