On the Formation of Technogenic Changes in the Geological Environment in the Deposits of the Almalyk Mining Region


  • Akhmedov Mukhammadzhakhongir Kidirbaevich
  • Isomatov Yusuf Pulatovich




The article deals with the issues of the emergence of a new stressed state of rocks during the development of deposits and the formation of several deformations of the sides of the quarries. It is noted that among which gravitational slope deformations in the form of landslides, talus and mudslides are of decisive importance. All these types of deformation are observed in the Sary-Cheku, Kalmakyr, Kurgashinkan and others deposits. As a result of the analysis of the deformation of the quarry walls, the main conclusions were made, which can serve as a basis for the study and forecasting of landslide and other types of deformations.
The issues of the technogenic (anthropogenic) impact of industrial enterprises and quarries of the Almalyk region on the environment are also considered. As a result of the infiltration of polluted waters of quarries, dumps, slag ponds and tailing dumps of factories, there is a penetration of polluting components into underground groundwater. Under the influence of the infiltration flow, the chemical composition of soils changes, and several polluting chemical compounds accumulate on their solid particles. Surface wastewater associated with the washing out of sludge and slag from industrial waste storage facilities is also susceptible to pollution.