Impact of Covid-19 on the Future of HR in India's Service Sector


  • N. Suresh Kumar
  • Dr. Shikha Kapoor



With the transition of working pattern from physical workplaces to remote workplaces amid COVID-19, there has been existence of imbalance in business organizations due to lack of effective communication channels. For continued importance and relevance in modern workplace, it is essential to upgrade the human resources management function such that these issues can be addressed. Thus, this study aims to determine the impact of COVID-19 on the human resource policies and practices in the Indian service sector. For this examination qualitative analysis has been conducted based on 10 HR managers of IT and hospitality industry in Bengaluru, India. Herein, it was observed that HR managers struggled to engage their employees in disciplined manner and there was high resistance in employees to cope up with the newly developed remote working culture of the firms. The interviewees affirmed that several online opportunities like hybrid approach or people centric working style can lead to better management of employees’ wellbeing and derive effectiveness.