Cloud based Vehicle Tracking System


  • N. Chitra Kiran
  • Subham Kumar Pandey
  • Mohamed Amir Ahmed Abdalla
  • Suhas Suresh
  • Mutaman Amir Ahmed Abdalla



Vehicle tracking is beneficial for a variety of purposes, including personal vehicle security, public transit systems, fleet management, and more. Furthermore, the number of automobiles on the road is predicted to increase considerably internationally. As a result, a cloud-based vehicle tracking system based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) modem, and the Raspberry Pi processor board is being developed with the goal of allowing customers to easily and conveniently find their automobiles. The GPS and GSM modules in the tracking system are used to readily find the user's vehicle. The GPS module is used to track the vehicle's location using information such as latitude and longitude. These values are sent to the user through SMS using a GSM modem. Alcohol consumption is detected with the MQ-3 Alcohol sensor. The user can monitor the sensor data via the thingspeak channel. The latitude and longitude coordinates, as well as a webpage to plot the exact position of the vehicle, will be supplied to the user by e-mail. The Raspberry Pi processor board receives the data and outputs the result. The hardware prototype for a cloud-based vehicle tracking system is shown in this study. The GPS receiver module, GSM module, I2C Protocol, Raspberry Pi board, camera, and MQ-3 alcohol sensor are the system's primary hardware devices.