Fractional Land Cover Classification and Temporal Change Evaluation of Deh Akro-II Wetland Complex and Chotiari Wetland Complex, Sindh, Pakistan, Using Google Earth Engine


  • Samawia Rizwan
  • Dr. Khalid Mahmood
  • Dr. Sajid Rashid Ahmad
  • Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman



Wetlands are one of the most important and rich eco system. Deh akro II wetland complex is unique inland type of wetlands comprise of 35 wetlands in middle of Nara desert on bank of Nara Canal. They face a lot of degradation because of anthropogenic activities in the surrounding areas and lack of rainfall in last 2 decades. Chotiari wetland complex located in south east of Deh akro II wetland complex, it comprises of several fresh water lakes converted into reservoir in year 2003 for better irrigation purposes. This conversion of wetlands into reservoir does not did very well for surrounding agricultural lands and natural vegetation. So in this study two technique of Fractional cover mapping were used to classify three types of land covers in both study areas. Temporal analysis was performed using the Landsat 7 ETM+ image of year 2000 and Landsat 8 OLI image of year 2018. For better results NDVI, EVI and NDWI were also calculated. For Deh akro II wetland complex Kappa accuracy statistics for year 2000 is 84% and for year 2018 its 87%. Several changes were recorded in this time span of 18 years as 42% of water bodies area has been decreased, 48% of Agriculture area has been increased and 68% of natural vegetation area has been increased. Increase in amount of vegetation and agriculture indicates that with better management and planning, effects of climate change over the area can be minimized. Kappa accuracy statistics for Chotiari Wetland complex for year 2000 is 71% and for year 2018 it’s 73%. Enormous changes were noted in 18 years as Agriculture area has been decreased up to 91%, water area has been increased up to 15% and vegetation has unluckily decreased up to 98% in reservoir area. This huge decrease in Agriculture and natural vegetation is an alarming situation for the wildlife and native population as well as authorities of Chotiari wetland complex.