Strategic Improvisation and its Relationship to the Dimensions of Organizational Sustainability for Banks / Applied Research on a Sample of Iraqi Private Banks


  • Sarah Saad Abd Ali
  • Dr. Bydaa Staar Lafta



The aim of the research is to clarify the correlation between strategic improvisation and its dimensions represented by (improving cultural appropriateness, internal and external communications, generating future visions, organizational transformation) and the dimensions of organizational sustainability for banks represented by (bank orientation, moral stance, regulation, behavior, and evaluation), as it was applied Research in each of the banks (Iraqi Middle East Investment, United Investment, Business Bay, Al-Mansour Investment Bank, across Iraq for investment), and the questionnaire was adopted as a main tool for data collection from the research sample of (152) who are at a job level (high management Middle management, executive management) and the statistical program ((spss) was used in calculating (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test) and the research reached a number of conclusions, the most prominent of which were: -) There is a strong positive correlation between strategic improvisation in general with organizational sustainability and its dimensions).