IoT based Pollution Monitoring Device for Rooftop Plants


  • K. Sudhakar
  • J. Leo Amalraj
  • M. Srinath
  • M. Sanjay
  • A. Sirajudeen
  • Dakshin Raja



Nowadays people living in urban are highly increasing than in rural areas. Because of the increase in population, the air which we inhale is also getting contaminated; the people who live in the rural areas want all their needs to be satisfied. Due to air pollution, people suffer from heart disease, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases. Air pollution has a negative impact on the growth of plants. When the leaves are in close contact with the atmosphere, many pollutants interfere with the growth.[1] Because of this greediness, they set up many industries around their living areas. These industries not only satisfy their needs but also increase pollution. People are afraid of this pollution. It not only affects human beings but also the plants which give us oxygen, some of the plants can hold only a certain amount of humidity, if it increases then the plant will die. The plants in the route will also get affected by the vehicle which passes by the road. While passing the road it emits a lot of harmful gases which affect the plants in our house. So, we decided to stop these actions and thought to bring a healthy life to the plants. We come across a device that measures the pollutants in the air, it gave us some spark. And then we invented a device using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. This device helps us to find the harmful substances in the air so that we can stop the cause of air pollution and give a healthy life for the plants. It will also help us on the rooftop by providing more oxygen. Using smart wireless sensors, we can check the places. [2]