Ensuring Sustainable Employment of Personnel in the Context of Digitalization of the Economy


  • N.D. Guskova
  • A.V. Erastova
  • D.V. Rodin
  • Slushkina Yu. Yu




Aim. In the article is conducted a study aimed at identifying areas for ensuring sustainable employment in the context of the digitalization of the economy. Methodology. The authors carried out a critical review of the literature on the issues under study and identified the main participants that influence the provision of sustainable employment, such as government authorities, educational institutions, employers and staff of the organization. In the course of the study, an online survey was conducted, which included representatives of the real sector of the economy, government officials, students, university professors and temporarily unemployed citizens from different regions of the country, enterprises and organizations of different sizes and forms of ownership, as well as spheres of activity. Results. The opinion of the respondents was revealed on a number of important issues related to the modern transformation of the economy and the formation of new labor relationships that affect the sustainable employment of the country's population. Demand, from the point of view of employment and importance for society as a whole, according to the respondents, will be those who have and form the necessary and appropriate “digital competencies”. It was also found that the digital economy will lead to a change in the value attitudes of employers, staff and the organization as a whole. At the same time, it is necessary to preserve a humanistic approach to personnel, emphasizing the advantages of a person in interaction with information technologies.