Does a Modern European State Need a Law on Legal Acts? What Shall be the Law on Legal Acts in Ukraine?


  • Illya D. Shutak
  • Vitaliy M. Kosovych
  • Mykhail Kelman
  • Natalia N. Radanovych



The purpose of this study is to determine whether a modern European state needs to adopt a law on legal acts as a document that primarily sets out the statutory rules for law-making, which is necessary in order to adapt Ukrainian legislation to the European legal standards.
For analytical purposes, we have determined that the European legal framework encompasses special laws on legal acts as well as laws establishing the rules for law-making methods. Research has been done on doctrinal approaches to the legal method issues. In addition, we have made a brief analysis of the European Union legal framework concerning the law-making rules and studied the respective law-making legislation of Ukraine.
It has been concluded that the adoption of a special law on legal acts is not a priority task in the field of legal regulation for modern European states, although it is highly desirable in order to develop, amid academic pluralism, approaches to understanding legal methods and the need to compile a list of law-making tools for the purposes of regulatory definition and standardisation of types, forms and rules for evaluating adopted legislation (ex-post evaluation). To make law-making activities efficient in the states that used to be part of the socialist legal system in the past, legal formalisation is required, especially in post-Soviet states, such as Ukraine.