Cost Management Strategy as a Determining Factor of the Corporate Business Quality in the COVID-19 Pandemic Context


  • Dong Zhao
  • Sergey A. Orekhov
  • Vladimir V. Velikorossov
  • Roman V. Glazov
  • Anzor U. Soltakhanov



This article examines the importance of managing the costs of modern corporate structures at a strategic level, in the context of the specific crisis caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The strategic cost management system is considered as a complex tool for improving the efficiency of the corporate structure. We made the analysis of this system from three positions: the concept of the value chain, the concept of strategic positioning, the concept of factor analysis. We introduced a new notion of “business quality” which is applicable to modern corporate structures at the strategic level. The notion is characterized by two main approaches: from the point of view of internal mechanisms of corporate governance (an objective approach based on obtaining comprehensive information) and from the point of view of external mechanisms (a subjective approach based on the attitude of external stakeholders to the value of corporate securities).