Smart Power System for Electric Vehicles Using Three Port Bi-Directional Converter


  • M. Perarasi
  • J. Vignesh
  • V. Srish
  • S. Vishnu
  • Siva T Lalith Kumar
  • M. Athavan



The proposed system is used to deliver an uninterrupted power supply to the motor in electric vehicle with reduced switching losses. A PV Panel is combined to the load as a secondary power source in addition to the primary Energy Storage System (ESS) which is connected together using a three port DC-DC converter. The converter boosts output from the respective sources and regulates constant supply to the load in a single stage of transmission. Phase shifted Pulse Width Modulation (PPWM) technique reduces the harmonics which in order reduces the switching losses and makes switching instant, resulting in fast dynamic response. The secondary source can also be used to charge the battery through bidirectional converter. A fuel cell connected to a converter which is interfaced with the load through a separate circuit acts as an additional backup at situations to maintain continuous power supply in case of failure in both the primary power source and the panel circuits.