Water Tank Electricity Generator


  • Y. Sukhi
  • S. Abishek
  • R. Ajaykumar
  • R. Bharath
  • M.M. Chandrasekar




Water tank Electricity generator is the most efficient type of renewable energy Source. Through this paper the design and structural unit of water tank power generation system using household tank water. Water flows through the household pipes has kinetic energy that has the potential to generate electricity for general uses like garden lighting. According to the above detail, electricity generation is challenging once. To overcome this drawback a three existing components namely the air bladder nozzle for water pressure maintenance, U-tube piping, and broad nozzle pipe are connected at the end. These help us to give better resultant in electricity generation. This method is used to reduce a small amount of fuel consumption like coal and petroleum. By Arrange the required component the electricity is generated in case if the overhead household tank is kept at a minimum of 3 meters or more than 3 meters then the kinetic energy produce by the water in a pipeline is high. Hence this paper gives an idea to develop a small amount of electricity using a household water tank in daily life.