Grid Integrated Charging Station for Electric Vehicles


  • M. Thiyagesan
  • S. Balaji
  • S.P. Balasuriyan
  • D. Jayakar Victor
  • S. Manikandan
  • T. Meeran Moideen



This paper deals with an idea of grid integrated charging station for electric vehicles with flyback converters. Keeping union budget 2021 in mind, as older engine based vehicles are going to be converted into electric vehicles, we believe that this project will provide us great exposure to the current technology, electric vehicles. This paper will help a lot in charging the electric vehicles in a simple way. This paper also proposes the idea that, whenever there are no electric vehicles for charging, then the power will be fed to the grid, similarly when there is a need for more power, then the power from the grid can be used. It helps us to design a simple and efficient charging station to charge electric vehicles. This paper deals with solar-based applications, hence it helps us to prevent the environment from pollution. It is also integrated with the grid to meet the current trend. Making use of flyback converters have many advantages like few components compared to other converters, a wide range of input voltage, single control, makes the system more simple and efficient