An Analysis of Road Accident Patients Problems in Private Multispecialty Hospitals in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India


  • R. Kavitha
  • G. Palraj



According to the World Health Organization, globally almost 1.24 million people die yearly on the world’s roads. In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, there were roughly 57 thousand traffic accidents in 2019. Every year, traffic inconsistencies are a major cause of death, injury, and property damage. Vehicle over speeding was the leading cause of road accident fatalities in 2019. In World Road Statistics that year, the South Asian country ranked first out of 200 for the number of road accident deaths. With the growing growth of the population and a lack of healthcare facilities in government hospitals, private hospitals have become increasingly important. Vehicle accidents have been increasing in recent years for a variety of causes, including excessive speeding, alcoholic driving, driver distractions, red light jumping, avoiding safety equipment such as seat belts and helmets, non-adherence to lane driving, and improper overtaking. Accident patients choose a hospital according to various reasons such as high-quality treatment, reputation, experienced doctors, nearby accident places and infrastructure facilities. Though the patients are facing some important problems in multispecialty hospitals after met the road accident such as advance payments, high cost of treatments, careless of doctors and nurses and lack of cleanliness of hospitals, etc. That is the reason an attempt has been made to analyse the problems. It is found that high cost, poor quality of treatment, delay for discharge are major issues while taking treatment in the hospitals. Hence, management should avoid these issues to sustain the reputation in the future.