The Influence of New Biologically Active Additive from Brewer’s Yeast on some Productive Indicators in Cows and Young Cattle of the Holstein Breed


  • Yulian Stepanovich Yurku
  • Grigore Efimovich Darie
  • Galina Vladimirovna Osipchuk
  • Pavel Sergeevich Kobylyatsky
  • Vyacheslav Anatolievich Karatunov
  • Razin Mirzekerimovich Ragimov
  • Naida Murtazalievna Abdullaeva
  • Marina Nikolaevna Verevkina
  • Sergey Nikolaevich Povetkin



In consequence of experimental researches on the study of new biologically active medication on brewer’s yeast, which were in the conditions of growing and dairy cattle’s operation in Moldova, and in the number of livestock breeding farms in the Stavropol Territory of the Russian Federation the physiological indicators were obtained and statistically processed in 2020. During the experiment, the cows from the first and the second lactation and herd replacements of the Holstain breed were involved. The researches included the study of the effect of the medication on mature animal and young cattle. According to the research result, the claimed medication which is used in feeding pregnant cows and rearing cows has a positive effect on some aspects of reproductive indicators in the postpartum period and contributes to the growth and development of young cattle.