Optimization Software in Operational Research Analysis in a Public University


  • Nancy Alejandra Ochoa Sotomayor
  • Luis Alfredo Zúñiga Fiestas
  • Juan Méndez Vergaray
  • Edward Flores




The objective of this research was to determine the influence of the Invessoft program in the use of Solver, POM-QM and Lingo as didactic resources for problem solving in operations research in students of a public university in Lima, Peru. This decision was made because the participants had difficulties in solving problems with the use of traditional strategies. The quantitative, applied research had 80 participants (40 in the experimental group and 40 in the control group). The research adopted a quasi-experimental design with measurement only after. The experimental group applied the program for 12 weeks, while the control group continued with traditional methodology. To measure the achievements, a performance test was used, which underwent a content validity by expert judgment that evidenced 0.94 in Aiken's V; while the reliability kr21=0.965. The results evidenced significant differences between both groups at a confidence level p<0.05, being that the students of the experimental group showed better performance than the control group. In conclusion, the use of digital tools facilitates the resolution of operational research problems.