Recognition of Images Formed in Pho on the Eyes of different Subjects


  • Muhammad Junaid
  • Luqman Shah
  • Ali Imran Jehangiri
  • Fahad Ali Khan
  • Yousaf Saeed
  • Mehmood Ahmed
  • Muhammad Naeem



With each passing day resolutions of still image/video cameras are on the rise. This amelioration in resolutions has the potential to extract useful information on the view opposite the photographed subjects from their reflecting parts. Especially important is the idea to capture images formed on the eyes of photographed people and animals. The motivation behind this research is to explore the forensic importance of the images/videos to especially analyze the reflections of the background of the camera. This analysis may include extraction/ detection/recognition of the objects in front of the subjects but on the back of the camera. In the national context such videos/photographs are not rare and, specifically speaking, an abductee’s video footage at a good resolution may give some important clues to the identity of the person who kidnapped him/her. Our aim would be to extract visual information formed in human eyes from still images as well as from video clips. After extraction, our next task would be to recognize the extracted visual information. Initially our experiments would be limited on characters’ extraction and recognition, including characters of different styles and font sizes (computerized) as well as hand written. Although varieties of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools are available for characters’ extraction and recognition but, the problem is that they only provide results for clear images (zoomed).