An Indigenous Solution for SYN Flooding


  • Muhammad Junaid
  • Fahad Ali Khan
  • Ali Imran Jehangiri
  • Yousaf Saeed
  • Mehmood Ahmed
  • Luqman Shah
  • Muhammad Naeem



SYN flooding is one of the most challenging problems that many networks applications face, particularly those that are security-related. Disrupting a server's daily function and assigning it to other tasks leaves it a constantly busy server that processes little usable data. In this research, a comprehensive INDIGSOL approach is demonstrated that not only detects SYN flooding but also prevents the attacker(s) from making such attempts in the future. The designed approach has four modules such as node registration and validation, packet capturing, dynamic check system, and hook activation. The approach is further checked and compared with some state-of-the-art baselines on various parameters like detection time, response/processing time, and number of malicious packets detection. It is observed that INDIGSOL performed better than other baselines with an average accuracy of 99% malicious packet detection in six scenarios along with 13.4% faster detection time and 11.2% faster response/processing time. Overall, the provided solution is scalable, robust, and highly accurate that prevents SYN flooding in a timely manner.