Affordable Roofing System with Square and Rectangular Dome Panels


  • M.N. Harshitha
  • S. Vivek



Affordable roofing is a word, which refers to residence units or habitation units whose prices are assumed/expected to be affordable or economical to a category of community with an identified remuneration limit or scale. Structural roofs are taken in to computation for considerable or valuable price of building in ordinary condition. Thus some savings accomplished in roofing operation or roofing system, significantly decreases the price of the structural units or building unit. In India, BMTPC (Building material and technology promotion council) and HUDCO ( Housing and urban development corporation limited) are the main tow organization or council who have been advertising or promoting appropriate building material and construction technologies in different territory or division of the country. In this roofing, systemized, standardized, advanced roofing units or parts have been used to avoid the temporary structures like shuttering. Hence, the roofing will be economical and progress of work is fast which ensures better in quality. Even though the studies, experiments or researching on this affordable roofing system as not been completely utilized as in other sector or region, a concentrated examination or exploration is to be done to verify the prefabricated roofing which would change the common roofing procedure. The major requisite of choosing affordable roofing system is to develop or advance the rapidity in construction and to decrease the price. In the current work, staadpro software is used for designing the precast RCC roofs and analysis of joist by analytical study using the finite element method. The outcomes which manifest the satisfactory volume of price or cost depletion for various set of panels. In this design, we have considered two least dimensions of 0.5m and 0.75m panels. The aspect ratios which is varying from 1 to 2 and the price depletion is of 0.4% to 9.4% for the least dimension of 0.5m panels. Likewise aspect ratio varying from 1 to 2 with a price depletion from 19.7% to 34.7% for a least dimensions of 0.75m panel size. As the size of the panels increases it becomes cost effective. The preferred roofing system was found to be more cost beneficial as compared with regular RCC roofing system with the increase in dimension of the slab. The roofing system is designed considering M20 concrete and fe415 steel. The beam system panels are precasted and can be easily placed in the position. 3 to 5 masons are enough to easily handle the loads of panels and primary, secondary beam because of weights of panels are less as compare to Conventional slabs. The affordable roofing systems requires lesser time for construction when compare to conventional RCC slab. The major advantage of this roofing is that false roofing works is not required for the dome shaped portion. This dome shaped portion sealing gives good attractive or decorative appearance. The cost analysis made between conventional roofing system and proposed roofing system indicates a cost reduction or depletion of 40% when compare to RCC slab of same size.