The Impact of Health Care Reforms on Improving the Quality of Medical Services: International Experience


  • Evgeniy V. Kirichenko
  • Elman Said-Mokhmadovich Akhyadov
  • Oksana Sertakova



The study of foreign experience in the field of reforming the medical industry is relevant at the present stage. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to summarize the experience of countries that have successfully implemented the reform of the health system, to identify mechanisms and tools for improving the quality of medical services.
The article examines the concept of "quality of medical services". Based on the expert survey, the directions of improving the quality of medical services in the process of implementing health care reforms have been identified. Following these directions, the international experience of reforming the health care system to improve the efficiency of the use of budget funds for the provision of medical services, ensuring equal access to medical services for urban and rural populations, and the development of primary health care has been considered.
The study concludes that improving the quality of medical services in the process of health care reforms is possible with the implementation of specific activities based on the use of international experience in health care reform.