Impact of Social Media Satisfaction on Brand Experience


  • Dr. Ruhi Bakhare
  • Avinash Shende



This study is significant in in the area of identifying the specific way discussion or chats happen between consumers and companies which is a very vital element of advertising. Nowadays, with the increase in the use of social media, these communications may have more members, who may join the conversation across any network from anywhere, and that too instantaneously. The various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. offer an opportunity for many companies to get involved with consumers. These company may use multiple mediums of communication on social media platforms and permit consumers to get connected with each other as well as brand representative. Thus, it becomes vital for the companies to know the effectivity of these social media platform as a communication tool and to what extent it affects the consumer’s brand experience. Indeed, it is a common practice adopted by all the consumers to browse about the product or service which they intend to buy on various social media and check the reviews or comments made about them before buying. This study tries to identify whether there is any positive impact of Brand Experience has on Social Media Satisfaction.