Intelligent Traffic Control System Using ARM7 Controller and Image Processing Techniques


  • Dr.E.V. Krishna Rao
  • N. Alekhya
  • K. Rupa
  • M. Sai Sujith
  • Sk Abdulla Aman Ahmed



The urban traffic congestion is being increased day by day due to large number of vehicles are used by dense people in cities. In the current model of the Traffic Control System, the time delay of each signal light is static which leads to lot of waiting time and was tage of fuel. To overcome this problem, intelligent traffic management system of controlling the traffic lights using the ARM 7 controller and camera sensor is proposed. The camera which is installed along the pavement captures the real time video of the road. The video is then processed indifferent stages to find the number of vehicles in that particular lane using Convex hull technique and accordingly the time delay of the traffic signals has been changed dynamically. Incase, if an emergency vehicle like ambulance is detected by RF434 in a particular lane then automatically this lane will be given the highest priority to clear the traffic. Another feature is if any vehicle violates the traffic line that can also be identified by the RFID reader and automatically and an alert message will be sent to registered mobile number through GSM module which is interfaced with LPC2148.