Real Time Face Mask Detection and Thermal Screening with Audio Response for COVID-19


  • M. Sivasankara Rao
  • K. Tejasree
  • P. Sathwik
  • P. Sandeep Kumar
  • M. Sailohith



The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is continuously spreading until now everywhere on the earth, and causing a severe health crisis. So the helpful and safe-keeping method is wearing a face mask in all areas where people are gathered, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Along with the face mask, body temperature and sanitization also plays a vital role in being safer. Thus, monitoring the individuals that are wearing the mask or not is more significant. In this paper, we propose a system that uses TensorFlow, Keras, MobileNetV2, and OpenCV to detect the face mask. A dataset contains images of persons with and without masks obtained from multiple sources and trained on a deep learning model. Then the automatic temperature checking and Sanitation are done. Finally, the proposed system gives an audio/voice output whether the face mask is present or not, the person's body temperature. Our approach would be beneficial in reducing the spread of this infectious disease and will encourage people to use face masks, getting regularly sanitized and monitoring the temperature can keep the workplace safe.