The Insertion of the Nurse in a Project Management Team


  • Denila Bueno Silva
  • Maria Lúcia Alves Pereira Cardoso



The nurses are in many hospital sectors and can take on many different responsibilities and activities. The hospitals that develop social’s projects have to include nurses in their team’s projects. The objectives are to characterize these nurses about gender, age, education, professional experience time and to know the nurse’s motivation and perception about working in a project management tea. The study is exploratory and descriptive, with a quantitative and qualitative approach through applying a questionnaire sent to 26 nurses that work in two hospitals in São Paulo. In the qualitative axis, content analysis was used, according to Bardin, and a statistician analyzed the quantitative axis with descriptive analyzes of the variables. There is a 77% presence of women in the teams; most of them are over 40 years old, with an average experience of assistance of 12 years. As a motivation, nurses work in project management for having received an invitation and also for the opportunity to work on projects related to Brazilian Health Unic System. Nurses point out that their activities consist of planning and executing the project itself, team management, and the applicability of their care knowledge. The nurses have essential characteristics, since their graduation, that enables their presence in project management.