Analysis of Circular Elevated Service Reservoir Using STAAD Pro by Considering the Effect of Continuity


  • Priyanka M. Mankar
  • H.R. Nikhade
  • Er. Minal Dehadrai
  • Khalid Ansari



In most regions of the country, early damage of elevated water tanks during their service life is becoming an increasing concern. The majority of damage occurs in tanks due to a lack of knowledge in design and ignoring continuity effect. Elevated water tank are used for storage of water at certain height and supplying water for essential usage. Hence damage of such structure endanger supply of drinking water and severe economical losses. The main purpose of this research is to determine the importance of continuity analysis in practical application and use of staadpro software to analyse an elevated circular water tank. The bottom joint of water tank is examined using continuity effect. This is the common joint where base slab, wall, bottom rings beam, gallery, column and base beam join. water tank is subjected to self-weight and hydrostatic Pressure due to water. Continuity effect increase stress, Hoop tension, BM hence its necessary to consider its effect while designing the tank. The results obtained from staadpro software is nearly same with manual result. This indicated that staadpro is suitable for design and analysis of water tanks. Three model having capacity of 55 m3, 125 m3 and 221 m3 situated in yavatmal, buldana and ramtek district is taken for analysis. Seismic analysis and wind analysis is also carried out on this model for safety purpose.