Interconnection of Personality Self-affirmation Strategy with Time Perspective


  • Iryna M. Yevchenko
  • Andrii M. Masliuk
  • Nataliia M. Podolyak
  • Olena L. Girchenko



Self-affirmation acts as one of the main determinants of the formation of a person, who can be socially active, have his or her own position and views, be able to defend and prove them, know the rights, adequately evaluate opportunities and be responsible for the actions. With the help of the questionnaire "Strategies of self-affirmation of personality" (N.E. Harlamenkov, E.P. Nikitin), we found out the strategies of self-affirmation of students. This knowledge will enable us to work properly to optimize the choice of strategies for self-affirmation by young people. For a harmonious existence of the personality, a consistent approach to different time perspectives is required. For a psychologist to work with a person it is important to understand the priority of the temporal perspective, because the time perspective reflects the settings, beliefs and values associated with time. With the help of the questionnaire "The Time Perspective of Personality" by F. Zimbardo, we outlined the time perspective of the respondents with different strategies of self-affirmation, and we conducted a comparative analysis of the results obtained at different time intervals. The results of the conducted study will provide further development of the training program for the formation of the student’s ability to constructive self-affirmation.