The Development of Future Physicians Self-Improvement by Means of Information Technology


  • Olha A. Haborets
  • Victoria V. Krasnoschok
  • Myroslava V. Pyshnohub



The conception of modernization of higher medical education in Ukraine is focused on the model of training physicians who have a broad outlook, able to integrate their potential into the activities of all medical workers, meet the current level of medical science and society, capable of self-improvement and self-development using innovative information technologies. The modern health care system is in need of specialists capable of continuous professional growth and self-improvement. The aim of the article is the formation of future physicians self-by means of information technology (IT). In the article review importance of IT in the professional activities of doctors, the prospects for the development of computer technology; formation and development of the knowledge base, skills and abilities necessary for the effective use of modern programs; development of the ability to independently master software and update and integrate the acquired knowledge. In a modern information society that is constantly evolving, it is important to develop the skills of IT skills among future doctors to make important decisions.