Security Logical Subjectivity of Mental and Behavioral Disorders and their Social and Specialized Correction


  • Sergii Boltivets
  • Oleksiy Gonchar
  • Tymur Gonchar
  • Lyudmila Uralova
  • Yuliya Chelyadyn



The number of people who suffer from various types and forms of mental disorders is growing rapidly every day. The problem definition by the statistical methods only just outlines the quantitative relations between the numbers of registered mental illness cases and the overall number of people suffering from them. However, it doesn’t answer the main questions of the public safety and of the safety of the abovementioned persons as it fails to account for the exogenous factors of the manifestation of the genetically determined and inborn mental disorders that incapacity mostly the children population. In this regard, a necessary condition for public safety is a scientific solution to the problem of the securitylogical subjectivity of the person with mental and behavioral disorders. One of the main reasons for the heavy illnesses of the central nervous system (CNS) and psychic disorders is perinatal cerebrovascular lesions and hypoxic-ischemic cerebrovascular injuries. The problem is, on the one hand, a subject of interest for the psychological, medical and social sciences, and on the other opens the dimensions of both special and social correction. Psychic disorders resulting from the perinatal cerebrovascular lesions and their psychotherapeutic correction are discussed in this article. Clinical investigation of the perinatal cerebrovascular lesions has been conducted using radio diagnostics tools, the mental and behavioural disorders were studied, and the correction methods were presented.