Design of Two Element Triple Band MIMO DRA with Enhanced Isolation for LTE Applications


  • Varakumari Samudrala
  • Vinay Kumar Pamula



A new two element hybrid MIMO DRA is presented for LTE operation. The presented MIMO having two elements excited with CPW feeding. This is operating under hybrid TM mode. MIMO is intended on partial ground with thickness of 0.035 mm, substrate (FR-4) with dielectric constant (εr) of 4.6, thickness 1.6 mm and loss tangent 0.019. The DRA is placed on the two elements individually. The dimensions of the presented MIMO are 90 X 107.8 X 13 mm3. The antenna gives a multiband to covers 0.8 GHz, 1.5 GHz, and 1.7 GHz for |S11| ≤ -10 dB. The proposed MIMO can cover LTE Band 5 and Band 6 at 0.84 GHz with operating band width of 83.2 MHz (0.8106 – 0.8938 GHz), LTE Band 21 at 1.5 GHz with operating band width of 45.4 MHz (1.4825 – 1.5279 GHz) and LTE Band 9 at 1.7 GHz with operating band with is 72.6 MHz (1.7382 – 1.8108 GHz). The simulated isolation of -74.96 dB, -75.53 dB and -81.41 dB are obtained with respect to the mentioned frequencies, respectively. MIMO provides very good radiation efficiency >140 % at band-1, > 81% at band-2 and >82% at band-3. The proposed antenna is discovered to attain good isolation, better impedance matching, low Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC) and adequate gain. Hence, This MIMO suitable for LTE applications. The HFSS software is used for the simulation.