A Review of the Use of ICT Techniques for Teaching Gifted Students


  • Rabee Alqahtani
  • Mohammed Alqahtani




The issue examined in this systematic review was the current status of research on the use of ICT techniques in the education of gifted children. After defining gifted children, the need for separate consideration of educating them and the appropriate method of educating them led to considering ICT as a promising method to teach them. The review found that some recent research has reported models of appropriate education using ICT. However, mere models are not going to achieve anything. Facilitation of ICT at the school level and training of teachers to teach gifted children using ICT is also important. As with any other case, factors and challenges determine the success of ICT use in educating gifted children. Early identification of gifted children, self-regulation and self-efficacy of gifted children to focus on the relevant topics, individualised programmes and lastly, the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic have been discussed by the other papers that were reviewed. Overall, it can be deduced that ICT is indeed a useful avenue to teach gifted students, but it needs to be used in conjunction with other educational interventions/programs to ensure its effectiveness. These findings have practical implications for improving the education of gifted students.