The Transparency and Management of Derivatives Market in the Era of Digital Transformation in Vietnam


  • Nguyen Duc Tai
  • Nguyen Thi Hang
  • Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy



In the globalization and integration era with 4.0 industry, global derivative markets have certain impacts on opportunities and challenges, and roles of speculators who are main players in the derivative market. Derivative instruments will benefit investors in some aspects: risk prevention and help them to finalize profits before unexpected fluctuations, exchange rate gap limitation and avoiding risks from exchange rate movements, or speculators will prefer earning profits in selling or buying within short time. Moreover, transparency on the derivative market need to be enhanced for investor information reliability. In the development trend of digital transformation, digital economy and e-commerce 4.0, internet of things and Digital technology platform has supported much for the development of derivatives market, as well as data privacy solutions for investors. One of our study purposes is aiming to enhance management following digital economy and the connection between e-commerce 4.0 and derivative market in Vietnam. This study uses mainly quantitative analysis combined with qualitative analysis, synthesys, analytical and dialectical materialism method. We run regression with Eviews software to measure the impacts of multi factors on derivative markets.