An Analytical Study of Factors Affecting Online Shopping in Ambala


  • Kapil Sharma
  • Yogesh Kumar
  • Rajiv Khosla



Identification of requirements and needs of the consumers and satisfying these needs defines the concept of marketing. This explanation of marketing is true only when the preference and taste of a consumer are not dominated by any internal or external factor. There is no doubt that the environment of businesses today is changing rapidly, with the involvement of media, and communication technologies changing the way of interaction and persuading the consumers to buy their products or to change the choices of the customers. With time and such advances, many researchers have attempted to study the many behaviors the customers show while buying products or services online to find out what are the factors that have an influence on the behavior of purchasing. The most common aspect linked with this is the motivating factors, which are linked with the changes in the purchasing decisions of the consumers when buying online. Following are the findings of many theories of motivating factors, the consumers can clearly know what aspects might result in higher purchases. Knowing the many motivating factors associated with online shopping helps in boosting the selling confidence of the online sellers hence making them have a strong believe in E-commerce. The research is carried out to analyze the many motivating factors of online shopping in the Ambala district of Haryana. Data was gathered by a survey involving filling up of questionnaires by respondents and the questions aimed to collect information regarding factors that increased online buying.