Sentinel – A Neighbourhood based Live Location Streaming Safety APP for Women and Children


  • K. Mohamed Haris
  • Dr.N. Sabiyath Fatima



The most cruel problems in the world are the ones that happens beyond our sight in the dark. There are some savage monsters in this beautiful world that does kidnapping, harassment and what not. There are apps out there which gets the location and sends a message to the nearby police station, family and friends but these kind of things always tend to happen when they're all away. So it will be too late for the police to reach the scene. Have any kidnaps been seen nearby a police station? Of course not!. They dare to do these by thinking that no one sees them. Well let's say no to that anymore.
The solution is ‘SENTINEL’. The Sentinel app alerts the locals of that particular area where the victim is stuck with just a click of a button. It will keep the victim informed about how may rescuers are alerted, how many are on-scene and whether the police are alerted or not. The locals are responsible to keep their area safe. So in turn this app gives them a chance to prove it and be the hero of their own locality.